Automatische concepten

Bunker Sylt 33’™33″

Bunker Sylt 33’33”

Michael Pestel / Jeroen van Westen

The Bunker is a man-made cave, cold and dark, hostile. This bunker built on Sylt dates back to the 1930s. Sylt is a beautiful island at the German coast. It was a bright summer day, … outside. Larks sang, a light breeze cooled our skin when we climbed the high dune. The bunker atop was cold upon entering. Michaels flute tried hard to call up the spirits of the larks outside.

Fort voor het Water 11’47”


Michael Pestel / Jasper Goedman / Jeroen van Westen
Sound: Vincent Huijpen

The Runde was a tiny watercourse running through a peat marsh. The marsh is gone, the peat is gone, water still wells up, at the location of a disappeared fort a new fort is built. The Fort is not surrounded by water as a defense but celebrating a new alliance between man and water. The Fort can be used as an open air theatre, the opening performance is recorded and mixed by Vincent Huijpen.

Orbis Terrarum 33’45€”

Orbis Terrarum 33’45”

Jeroen van Westen / Vincent Huijpen

A collection of sounds organized by association of the sounds to the elements Ether, Air, Water, Earth, Fire. First each element is introduced briefly, then layered into (im)possible landscapes consisting of sounds only.

Osmose 27’22”


Jeroen van Westen

Sounds of culture are as natural as sounds of nature, but nature is often hard to hear when in a cultural environment. Silence and sound, nature and culture, day and night, many dichotomies are often understood as oppositions. The exchange of life bringing salt through the membrane of a cell, thus connecting inside with the outside through an airtight separation shows there is a different way of looking at these sets of concepts. Osmose is a composition of sounds from cities, churches and nature.

Radio NHWL


Geluidscollage als voorbeeld bij het voorstel om gedurende de bouwtijd van een rotonde in de N322 waar deze weg de Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie kruist twee radiostations te plaatsen in de naastgelegen batterijen Poederoijen en Brakel. In het overgangsgebied zullen deze stations die op dezelfde frequentie uitzenden mengen.

Radio NHWLRadio NHWL (9,8 MB)

Rundedal 8’€™13″


Jeroen van Westen / Vincent Huijpen

The Runde was a tiny watercourse running through a peat marsh. The marsh is gone, the peat is gone, water still wells up, a new stream finds its way between old stories, old sounds: landscape is a composition, a work of art.

Stilte in de Horizon 17’31”

Stilte in de horizon

Jeroen van Westen

Water lapping against the coast of an island. Land and water meet endlessly all around. On an island, silence is audible.
Between arrrival and departure, isolation is relative: the World is at bay: the HORIZON. Fragments of sounds blowing, floating, barely intelligible or just not recognizable.

Waterkader 11’31”


Jeroen van Westen / Vincent Huijpen

Framing water is not easy, the Dutch have a fascinating history of living with water. We live on land that grew out of water, but today we fight drowning for two thirds of the country is below sea-level! How come? …. We are guilty. The digging of canals and building dikes to make land more solid, and especially the hundreds of years of pumping have squeezed the sponge we were living on: our land shrunk below sealevel. On this soundscape the sounds of a representational collection of pumping stations are used to illustrate our mechanical relationship to the landscape we are surviving in.