Automatische concepten

In the proposal for the ‘green’ traffic transfer point P+N Holt& Berg, the link between the A1 freeway and national park Sallandse Heuvelrug is realised in two steps. The first step is to bring the hill into Holten, and overcome the barrier of factories and infrastructure between the village centre and national park. One of the objectives of step one is to increase the number of routes on the Holterenk. The second step is to redesign the routes between the A1 and the national park in order to give visitors a sense of ‘arrival’. The direct link between step one and two is a series of large boulders, analogous to the one on the marketplace in Holten, but way bigger. The two exits of the A1 will be marked with these boulders. Five special boulders, each of which speaks to one of our senses specifically, are to be placed at crossroads of the new routes over the Holterenk. From every boulder, two others are visible, inviting the visitor to wander over the Holterenk on their way to the main entrance of the national park. The boulders are designed in collaboration with rock climbers, locals, and local business owners. Together the boulders form a sensory image, a horizontal beacon in the landscape which reforges the bond between the town of Holten and ‘her’ hill. Commissioned by Gemeente Holten-Rijssen, made possible by  province Overijssel. Designed in collaboration with Theo Reitsema, JobArt, Mothership BV Rotterdam. Zinnenbeeld is a continuation of GroenTransferium P+N Holten. Download the booklet Zinnenbeeld (pfd) for details of the design process. Definitive design delivered November 2012. Project canceled June 2013.