WWW. RESTRUIMTEN. NL (Wastelands) 1999-2001

-site discontinued june- 2005 commissioned by Center for the Arts Rotterdam, Ministry for Planology and Environment (StIR= Stipend from Foundation for Strategic Intensive use of Space) Icw Q.S. Serafijn, Hans Snoek and Maarten van Wesemael Over the years, as large-scale infrastructure developed, pockets of wasteland came into being. As the city continued to grow and press in upon these areas of non-development, they became an ever greater menace. The space was used for a variety of purposes, horse stable, green garden, rubbish dump, etc. It also attracted criminals, junkies and the homeless. Subsequent to the Muizengaatje project the artists Q.S.Serafijn, Hans Snoek and Jeroen van Westen proposed further research into the nature of these wastelands, with a view to better exploiting their potential. The investigation initially centered around criminality but later expanded to include a thorough social-cultural exploration of the urban wastelands around the A20, the Rotterdam-Utrecht railroad line and the Noorderkanaal from the Terbregse Plein to the Kleinpolderplein.