Wachten op vogels (Waiting for the birds) 2008

Michael Pestel(USA) and Jeroen van Westen (NL) were invited by urban planner Ton Matton to do a an experimentele research on the changing bird population in Rijnmond (Rotterdam Metropole) They were to start in Ton Mattons climat Garden in Hoogvliet where tropical crops are grown in anticipation of further heating up of the earth. By participanten observation Van Westen and Pestel concentrated on the adaptive blackbird in the back gardens of Hoogvliet, the evasive Rook in the harbour area, and the opportunistic Green Parakeet. Pestel communicated with the birds, Van Westen scored the environment, sounds and images. Filmmaker Julian Scaff registered their research. The findings were presented at the Rotterdam Natural History Museum in a serie of performances.