Automatische concepten

Commisioned by DLG and Waterschap Regge en Dinkel The river Regge is becoming a semi-natural lowlands river again. This creates the need for inflows to be connected in an ecologically ideal way. The dam in Entgraven has to remain, but will be moved back to give the river more room in its valley. Beside the dam a spacious fish ladder will be built to accommodate migration through the water. The long fish ladder will get a special shape, so that it seems to lie in in the landscape of the dam as a barrage. This image refers to the way fishermen historically had to build temporary dams in the Regge in order to achieve water levels high enough for their boats. The fishermen would ‘sail without water’. It is proposed to keep the old dam as an architectural folly in the Regge valley. Further research into available land and hydrological consequences for agriculture must determine whether this is possible. Retaining the old dam will increase the ‘readability’ of the changing ways we live with water and nature. This is a further development from the series of REGGE-ONTMOETINGEN within the project ‘Verbeelding van de Regge’ for the redesign Rijssen-Enter by DLG Regio Oost. Download the design Vissend Verleden (pdf) Design 2011/2012, under construction (summer/fall 2013)