Verbeelding van de Regge ONTMOETINGEN (ENGAGEMENTS) 2009-

Commisioned by DLG-oost for Herinrichting Rijssen en Enter.
Imaginative/imagination of the Regge ‘€“ Meeting/Encounters.

The Waterboard Regge and Dinkel collaborates with the DLG in the land-reclamation projects Enter and Rijssen on climate adaptation of the Regge. In fact this is a restoration project of this river that was canalized between 1900 and 1970. Recognizing this is a cultural change art is part of the project, the Elsenerbeek was a pilot project for Verbeelding van de Regge.
In Meeting/Encounters there are many proposals for adjusting the river in a way that nature and culture are open to each other. Partly by course and profile, partly by bridges, paths, and sopecial designs for historical, cultural or natural focal points.