Automatische concepten

De India House Art Gallery in Pune bood als eerste gelegenheid om het hele project INVERSE te tonen. Parth Shah, architect in Rajkot, nam deel aan het onderzoek en schreef de volgende introductie op boek en tentoonstelling: “To the Dutch, as Jeroen mentions, water is something to be handled seriously & urgently, either to be gotten rid of or to be put to use. It is not a commodity that can be taken for granted and lived with in a leisurely way. For a person with such a cultural mindset to experience a unique Indian search for water deep within the ground – one that patiently seeks to hold water for use later on – must be perplexing indeed. This single thought, to me, marks the beginning of the journey that Jeroen so valiantly embarked upon about six years back. I am indeed happy to see his efforts come to fruition in this compilation of experiences with such painstaking and loving attention to detail. This show is Jeroen’s personal journey to India and, more importantly, a journey that reflects upon his conditioned response to water in the Netherlands, as well as his experiences with water in other parts of the world. We are fortunate that he allows us a glimpse of what the mind and body actually experiences in a space as enigmatic as a stepwell… enclosing and releasing, wonderfully dark and frighteningly bright, cold and warm, reflective and coarse. With his sketches and his writings, aided by the photo collages, audios, videos, and prints, he takes the visitor on a journey that is both enriching and thought provoking.” Lees ook de 3 artikelen in Indiase kranten (pdf) hierover. Naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling heeft het Indiaase Journal of Landscape Architecture een lang interview met veel beelden geplaatst.