TOREN 1988

i.c.w. Henk Hilvering en Thijs Veraart

Lights out, spotlight on a blue circle. Four clumps of red bricks placed around the circle indicate the four compass points – N, E, S, W. Two men walk around the circle, take two bricks from a clump, then pile them on the circumference of the circle. The sounds of the bricks being deposited echoes loudly in the chapel. The sound diminishes as the wall grows higher and the screeching of the crows becomes more audible. The wall grows steadily higher till the top is out of reach and the men have to help each other, one kneeling on hands and knees, the other standing on his back. Finally the light is captured in the tower and the sound of the crows becomes deafening. Forty minutes effects a great change; people who initially stood inside a chapel now stand outside a tower.