THE Magazine review open studio Cross References

Cross References: Open Studio at the Santa Fe Art Institute

“… Van Westen’s video of sparkling, tumbling water has the same sensibility, as if nature were somehow defenseless, and at the same time remains triumphant in its timelesness. Perhaps due to the likelihood of the imminent destruction of our natural environment, there is a beauty in this work that is dependent on the very proximity of it’s subject’s demise. Without trivializing their overlying language, Van Westen and De Ruijter’s works render it constant, a formal exploration of iconic nature.
Ausloos, working with the properties of local soils as they transform from silt to rock and back again, imparts a more conceptual underpinning to the project. But again, there is something so basic about the clay beneath us that working with it nearly any manner is sure to evoke an elegiac devotion to the material. The earth remains. At least, one can hope so.”
Kathryn M. Davis in THE Magazine, november 2005
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