Automatische concepten

(Anne Ausloos – Jeroen van Westen , Bewaerschole) 1 september 2018 Special reprise of a video we made in 1999. During our research Balancing between Salt and Fresh our minds returned to this movie.  First when we looked for a visual expression of salt in soil in suspension, settling in a set of glass containers. A ‘muddy’ world transforms into algae gardens in wondrous colors. In the film Suspension it is the opposite, a perfect red sphere floating in clear water looses its form and disappears in a reddish fog.  Later on our minds turned to the video again. We sat at the dike near Schelphoek looking out over the Oosterschelde where caissons are visible, used to close a gap in the dike after the 1953 flood diaster.  Caissons were then floated to the gap, and sunken when in the right position. Right between floating and sunken there is suspension! We got the original tapes digitalized and restored the film and showed the images as well as the theatrical (natural) soundtrack of the ‘dying sphere’ in a segment of a caisson that is part of the closure of a gap.