SUSPENSIE (Suspension) 1998

i.c.w. Anne Ausloos
De Watertoren, Vlissingen
publication: 4 video’s + CD-rom

In the now empty reservoir room of a former water tower a video recording is projected onto a large screen. Neither light nor sound intrude from outside. Sounds from within the reservoir are amplified and bounce from the ochre concrete circular wall. The projection: A sphere floats silently in a bluish light. It sinks slowly, gurgling, enveloped by clouds of reddish ‘dust’, and makes a tiny ‘toink’ when it reaches the bottom. Then invisible forces lift the sphere again and it rises, as if in slow motion, and bounces to the surface. With part of it protruding above the waterline it makes a sudden revolution, then another. Decay is accelerated when staccato air leaves the inside. Big bubbles burst LOUDLY and the sphere falls apart, landing with a loud THUMP on the bottom.