Stem over het water (Voice across the water) 1991

Event Op water gebouwd (constructing on water)
publication: catalog, artists notebook

The sun sets, a voice carries across the water of the old rampart. On the ‘rural’ side of the city’s ‘borders’ sounds come from between the reed, in the same way as they did in the past. A frame of hollowed-out tree trunks rests on the surface of the water, flexibile connected to the four cardinal points. A man holding a burning torch enters the water at the rural side and swims to the tree trunks, then pushes the lids off and lights the splinters in the cavities. Fragrance and smoke drift over the water.
This act is repeated in a diluted form for the next three months. Every day the voice of nature will sound softly across the water, audible only when the noise of our times is briefly dimmed.