Automatische concepten

Sky Deep, Jeroen van Westen & Anne Ausloos Nothing is what it seems to be looking at this concrete slit in the earth. The tapered walls play tricks on your eyes, and the angle matches our perception of perspective. Entering from one end you are stopped by a steep drop. Looking down into the drop results into looking out into the other entrance. Upon entering this second entrance under the stone roof one is immediately almost blinded by light coming from the end of the narrow tunnel into the earth. The walls are warm red, the roof is a natural stone, the light is striking. The binding element in this work is a mirror, placed at an angle in such a position that it is almost impossible to see oneself in the mirror. The mirror is a window between the depth of the earth and the sky above for anyone standing in the earth. At the equinox, sunrise and sunset are almost exactly in line with Sky Deep. Many thanks to Bill McBride and Thea van der Geest