Automatische concepten

Sentinel, Anne Ausloos & Jeroen van Westen (proposal)

The prairie is essentially horizontal. The rolling hills are endless, a vast sea of grass under a big sky. It is hard to tell distance or to keep bearings. There are few landmarks (mostly cellphone towers). In this naturally horizontal landscape the landmarks, “cultural towers”, are “archipunctural” connections between earth and sky. In their vertical loneliness they don’t radiate power like a castle would, but they look like guards, keepers of the lands, sentinels.

This tower on Highway 177 south of Bazaar is shiny, constructed with salt-glazed stone in rich sand-colored ochers (and aren’t the prairie hills in fact old sea bottom–salt, sea, sand?). There is a crack running from top to bottom connecting the inside with the outside. The stones the tower was built with still look like new, the crack painfully shows it is being neglected. A shiny ring at the top reclaims the tower and returns it to the community. A soft light shining from within beckons the passer-by during the night. Take a seat, lean back, look at the tower. Step inside, look in, look out, look up, observe the land, the sky; discover the text in the ring at the top. Listen how voices resound in the tower.