Automatische concepten

  (Jeroen van Westen – Anne Ausloos (icw Koos de Muinck (composer), Michael Pestel (flute) and Miek Zwamborn (poem), Allert van Westen (Sound)), Schelphoek, Bewaerschole) 01-09-2018 There is a tidal garden out there, hidden inside that big concrete block. Not far, but too far to swim, the water to deep to walk. The block is a ‘caisson’, a concrete ‘box’ that can float when empty.  They were build for D-Day in Normandy, and in 1953 after the flood disaster transported to be steered into gaping holes in the coastal defense of de Dutch Delta. Those three were misplaced and failed, left to the sea. No one tended the ‘garden’, just the sea.  Five years of research into the world between salt and fresh feed the thought that since salt is the reason for the first settlers to come to Schouwen, salt still could, should be the main cultural force. And may be it is without us realizing! Just for one day, visitors were kindly invited to get into the small boat that brought them to the garden to see for themselves, to smell, to listen. They were asked to wear headphones as to enhance their listening adventure, to hear the smallest sounds. Upon arrival at the SeaGarden they were received by silent guides who led the boat quietly wading through the garden.  soundscape Zeetuin not yet published