PALIMPSEST ‘stepping stone’€™ 2000

proposal on own initiative to the City of Almere

Meanwhile, in a new neighbourhood near Almere, public gardens were laid out. This seemed an opportune moment to submit unsolicited – the stepping stone proposal. After all the earlier investigation Location 1, in the context of the Metaphors for Space and Time study organized by the Bruggelings Foundation, had led us to conclude that it would be worthwhile to realize a design in the landscape whereby an optimal connection could be achieved between horizontal and vertical perception. Horizontal perceptions are those which relate to space, whilst vertical perceptions relate to reflection; thus they can be seen as two perspectives.
The new country can be seen as an economic matrix overlying a natural matrix, with a centuries old clay sediment as buffer. Palimpsest stepping stone strives to achieve a meeting between these two matrices. The economic matrix is a model for the external perspective, the natural matrix for the internal perspective. The meeting between the two is clearly structured and yet’?¦..does the spirit remain separate?