Osmose 2003-2004

Cargo, Almere (NL) en CBAT, Cardiff (UK).

Osmosis is a process of selective exchange through asemi-porous membrane. It is a feeding system for plant cells, the exchange of salts is important for the survival and growth of the cell. It is an essential process for primitive as well as complex forms of life. In Van Westens work we can also identify the process of osmosis, an exchange of past and present, of nature and culture. He searches for the essence of a particular period which may shimmer through the landscape and defines the global importance of this for society.

Osmose is a composition of sounds from cities, churches and nature. Listen to the soundscape of 2722′?:
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Wiard Sterk, director CBAT The Arts and Regenerations Agency, Cardiff, Wales UK www.cargo-zw.net/zomer/zo3/osmosis1.shtml