ORIENTARIUM Nieuw Hoornwijk 2000-2005

Commissioned by the Rijksbouwmeester (Governmental architect)
Icw Kees Kaan (architect Claus en Kaan architecten), Aleks Droog (landscapearchitect PARKLAAN )
A garden with baroque accents made for roaming next to a big building. Not a 17th century estate, but a brand new office building for the NFI (Dutch Forensic Institute), a beacon at the Highway designed by Kees Kaan. The grounds are designed with at the back of our minds the old mansions and their gardens like the estate Hoornwijk once was at the river De Vliet. Over time the design will reveal more of itself, it throws a shadow of the buildings identity (her inhabitants) over the filed. By using rich and poor soil over TIME a drawing will grow, an icon for forensic RESEARCH (a fingerprint) but used in a subtle way, depending on seasons, mowing schedule and use. In the field there are MARKERS of the TYPICA (characteristics) which each show their own TRACKS/TRACES. Three varieties of one kind of tree, planted in a orthogonal GRID, stand for the systematics of scientific research.