Hewlett Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA
publication: CD soundscape Orbis Terrarum, article in Kartografisch Tijdschrift 1995 XXI-3

The neo-classic Hewlett Gallery was converted into a meeting room of the Geographical Society. Comfortable chairs, representing the cardinal points, were placed in the first room. One can read the artist’s books on -the relative qualities- defining place. Sounds collected from all over the world come from a coat hanging on a rack. The skylight is decorated as a (European) Medieval map of the world. In the hall leading to the second room hangs a rotating orientarium, thus placing the history of descriptive geography in changing oppositions/relationships.
In the second room reproductions are shown of maps from different cultures: A0 Xeroxes on the wall (BLUEPRINT), archival boxes with replica’s on a big table (GENUINE COPIES). The soundscape ORBIS TERRARUM – specially made for this show – provides an acoustic background for the exhibition. The far wall of this second room is covered with a giant map of words, images, and colours. The atlas ORBIS TERRARUM 1992 is exhibited on a lantern in the centre. This ‘mural’ was made during an opening performance.