OOG (Eye) 1996

icw Maarten van Wesemael
Commissioned by Thieme Publishers + City of Zutphen

Approved, but not executed

Form, plantation and object combine to form an eye. Each individual part refers to a characteristic of the immediate landscape, inhabited since prehistoric times. The sketch assignment, destined for the Thiemeplein in Zutphen, was completed together with Maarten van Wesemael. The work was approved but not executed for the proposal implicated a total redesign of the (recently made) existing small park.
The design was made for a small play park surrounded by a few ecological houses. The wells suggest the pupil of the eye, and the walls of the wells are the rim of the iris. The rocks carry imprints of plants which used to grow in the vicinity and objects found nearby. The eyeball is represented by the river dunes where the first inhabitants settled. The eyelids/lashes are the hedges which, throughout the centuries, separated the yards.