OerIJ 2004

Commissioned by the province of Noord-Holland, cultural planning department
Icw Gerco de Ruijter (photographer), Ton van Vliet (photographer), Peter de Ruyter (landscape architect bAH)
Archeologists discovered a close connection between findings in Noord Holland related to the dynamic genesis of the landscape: a (double sided) estuary of the Rhine to the North sea on one end and the Zuiderzee at the other. In the present landscape relicts of the creeks are still found, dikes along the part that stayed open till the 18 hundreds, and on sophisticated altitudal maps the main channel is still visible and many of its tributaries. How can one protect landscape and archeological monuments in an area where so many claims are made on space and use of space. In a elaborate visual research the present landscape is related to its (recent) geological genesis, how our culture is rooted in this natural history, and still embroiders on these themes.
In additional texts and sketches approaches are proposed for the major issues on the basis of conservation and development of the cultural and natural history.