(Transitional constructions)
i.c.w. Thijs Veraart

The work in a deserted factory hangar in Dikkers (Hengelo) proved to be the last in a period of 6-7 years of transitory constructions, made together with Thijs Veraart. These constructions were erected during trips taken together, most of them in the Netherlands. An object was made with materials found at the spot or collected during the day. It was built (anonymously), based on something seen or experienced on that particular day. These works were meant to express uneasiness with our culture; with the way people act, live, build. The constructions are a kind of counter model of our culture. The works were then left behind, abandoned to the elements of time, nature, wayfarers. An end to these nomadic constructions came when the works were drawn more and more into the realm of art.