N201 Nature compensation Bovenkerkerpolder 2008-2010

commissioned by the Province of Noord-Holland
icw Henk Volkers

A provincial motorway will be relocated to pass by the town of Uithoorn in stead of splitting the centre with a road dangerous to cross. The new road will run through an open polder, important habitat for meadow birds. As a way of compensation for the loss of habitat, new nature has to be developed in the left over space between the new road and the existing Hollandse Dijk. Extra program is to provide space for water retention with the demand that it should contribute to the improvement of water quality.
The concept of the design is based in the meeting of existing powers/interests around the area and the intrinsic qualities of it. The parcellation of the land is typical and of cultural historical importance. The origin of this subdivision is in the occupational techniques to settle in peat areas. The natural condition of this landscape is wet, mossy, swampy. In the design compensation itself is addressed (shame versus accessibility in hide – living bridge, as well as which new cultural concept of nature will follow up the present meadows with their proven value for biodiversity: defining nature is repositioning of culture.