MUIZENGAATJE (Mouse Hole) 1997 – 2001

commissioned by Center for the visual Arts Rotterdam and Local council Noord, Rotterdam
Icw Q.S. Serafijn, Hans Snoek and Maarten van Wesemael

An assignment from CBK Rotterdam and the North Borough to collaborate in improving the layout around the A20 and Bergweg : the gateway to the north. The proposals take ecology, public transport, traffic circulation and especially the monumental nature of the city overpass into account. The artists work with the public space. Existing plans for a sewer retention basin have been improved from a spatial and expressive point of view (work in progress), and the artists have proposed a couple of follow-up assignments in which art should take the initiative in assuming responsibility for the city wastelands. A first concise publication of the plan is published by North Borough; a second and more complete publication is foreseen.