LOCATIE 1: Palimpsest (Location 1 : Palimpsest) 1995 – 97


Commisioned by the Bruggelings Foundation
supported by Praktijkbureau Mondriaan Foundation
Icw Petran Kockelkoren, Frank van Helfteren, Maarten van Wesemael

A good landscape is like a palimpsest, a manuscript which has been reused after previous words have been erased, but in such a way that the old texts remain legible. During the layout of the Flevopolder the landscape was described in terms such as virginal, yet at the same time the first (?) inhabitants searched for earlier memories.
In a study assignment (Metaforen van Tijd en Ruimte / Metaphors of Time and Space) the Bruggelings Foundation asked five artists to make a mental map of a characteristic location in the Nieuwe Land of the IJsselmeerpolders. Maarten van Wesemael (cultural advisor), Petran Kockelkoren (philosopher) and Frank van Helfteren (photographer/acoustic artist) also contributed to Palimpsest, a study concerning methods of perception in the quest for memory in an apparently virginal landscape. The landscape retains earlier memories after all, as is confirmed by the discovery, years later, of creek ridges and by the excavation of a 5000 year old hunting camp.