Laage Diepenveen 2008-

Commisioned by Henk Hengeveld In collaboration with Waterschap Groot Salland and Noel van Doorn, landscape architect. In the close vicinity of Deventer there is the village of Diepenveen. A small watercourse, the Zandwetering, is vital for watermanagement of the area. Adaptation to new ecological en climatological insights create the opportunity to re-design the stream including recreational possibilities. Two retention areas are planned, one in Deventer, one in Diepenveen. The design of this area is based on the maintenance cycle of the Waterboard and focuses on giving people the opportunity to meet with the Zandwetering. In the tiny labyrinth and via the well at its heart they can experience how levels of surface water and groundwater seem to fluctuate independant of each other.