Kwelwatertafels (Seepage/up swell tables) 2005-

Follow up to De Elsenerbeek, commissioned by the DLG regio Oost The immediate reason for creating the Elsenerbeek is the up swell of seepage coming from sandy lateral moraines. The special qualities of this kind of water bring forward a one of a kind habitat, but for a long time now the water is mixed with agricultural run off water and simply transported directly to the Regge by straight canals, not getting a chance to let special plants grow or amphibians live. In the new nature development the special water will find space and time to re-create the landscape. Three tables + seats will mark crucial locations along the new watercourse. Tables and seats made of a nearby mined, locally traditionally used natural sandstone. Water will well up in the tables at which people can seat themselves on the blocks carved with names of the areas that contribute water to the Elsenerbeek. Two out of three tables were delivered in June 2011.