KOM (Come/Cup) €“installation- 1997

Central Library, Almelo
The city of Almelo has dramatically over the last 30 years. After a disastrous- cut through the traditional center wit ha new road in the sixties + the complete disappearance of all textile factories, the city build a new heart in the eighties. KOM, presents the city located at the lowest point of the region (collecting water in a cup) as a collection of buildings and people. Are buildings translations of the functions they host? A question with on the background the wondering if Almelo is a true city. Because, before one can talk about a city there should be a wide variety of functions, of things to do. Buildings form the skeleton of a city.
For the inhabitants and visitors, their voice is in the digital representation of the city, but they are also invited to (come) travel in the virtual representation of Almelo and to add their own comments. They could make their own documentary about the changes that still leave open so much more to wish for.