KLANGSCHAFT (Soundscape) 1997

i.c.w. Helmut Eisel, Susanne Bohner, Vincent Huijpen
Lonza industrial area, Waldshut, Germany
publication: box with five ‘flyers’, CD compilation

The factories are deserted. The polluted soil is being cleansed. No plans have yet been made for new industry or’?¦ ? In this area an industrial show is staged. In one of the big hangars is a ring of objects – wood, stone, iron. Four to five hundred people gather around it. The noise is deafening, the scene is chaotic. Then silence.. ‘?¦only birdsong and the sound of a loom, echo’s of a bygone era. Based on that rhythm a structure slowly evolves and a dialogues develops between the ‘musicians’ who play the objects, and the natural sounds, the sounds of a disappeared industry. A clarinet sings the story, and directs the narrative told in sound.