Automatische concepten

We watch the video images on three walls. On the central wall a projection of video’s showing stepwells as architectural constructions. On the right are images of a slow camera drop into a well. On the left are sequences of recordings from inside the water pots. We quickly discover analogous associations between the images. For example, how the shape of the pot is similar to the image produced when the camera slowly rotates on its descent into the well. Or, how the color of the well’s stone makes a strong connection to the pot’s terracotta, or how the wall’s textual surface mirrors the ceramist’s imprints in the pot’s soft clay. The reflection of water at the bottom of the well finds a perfect analogy in the submerged camera’s hazy, liquid image looking up from the pot’s bottom. The camera captures the dark interior belly space while peering into the backlit sky. Links to video’s: Passage ; Reflection; Intimate Distance; Inverse; Inner Steps; Inward Out Thanks to Curdin Tones, travel companion and critical reviewer; Allert van Westen, sound and Raymond Oostenenk, editing support