Automatische concepten

Inverse is a set of two books. One book brings people inside the stepwells at different positions. The tall photo’s printed over spreads guide the readers eyes just like one moves through a stepwell. The second book is a travelogue. It is based on notes I published on a blog. In an intense dialog with friend and artist Michael Pestel we rewrote the text including much more reflection on the experiences. In the epilogue, Michael writes: “While my own exploration of Inverse has helped to recalibrate and intensify connections between architecture, nature and language, more than anything, I have been inspired by the binary of the sublime experience and pragmatic motivation that runs deeply through Jeroen’s text – the discovery of the stepwell as an entrance into self knowledge and art, and the call for more enlightened water management throughout the world.” Jeroen van Westen, co writer Michael Pestel, book design Eloi Koster, printed and bound by Silverpoint Mumbai on paper by Kyoorius Mumbai – introduction by Parth Shah, epilogue by Michael Pestel Books as a set, 120x263x20mm – 200 numbered and signed + 500 in India, of which 300 are gifted to schools of architecture + 50 epreuve d’artiste Book launch India: IHAG Pune December 13 – 2013 Book launch NL: Johan Deumens Gallery, Gabriel Metsustraat 8 1st floor Amsterdam, april 2014