IJdijken De vinger aan de dijk (The finger to the dike) 2005-2007

Commissioned by several local councils, water boards, Province of Noord Holland, secretariat DRO Amsterdam (Belvedere-project)
Icw Bureau H+N+S, bAH, Jeroen Saris communicatie, Ytsma Project Communicatie

The IJdijken tell about a more than 600 years long history of occupation in which water was an enemy. People protected themselves against this enemy by dikes, pumping engines, dams and locks. Changes that occurred in this defensive system, in agriculture and due to the fast industrialisation and urbanization have already hidden parts of the stories the dike tells. A conservation by development- rescue operation is undertaken in three phases. Phase 1: Verstoeling (division) and Schouw (visual quality check). Who is doing what in this broadly composed group, and: what has happened with the original IJdijken, what is still recognizable? Phase 2: Zeevang (sea catch). Observations and infiltrations, seeking for opportunities to gain more in-depth knowledge and broaden our knowledge of the reasons why the IJdijken exist, existed and will exist. Phase 3: Dijkpalen (Dikemarkers). To mark clear conservation by development guidelines to inspire policymakers, inhabitants and users of the IJdijken.