Automatische concepten

Commissioned by Gemeente Kampen with support from Provincie Overijssel. Closed competition under the title ‘Kampen De Kloof’.

With the arrival of the A50 freeway, the Hanze railway and the bypass, the IJssel delta is expanding. The city has two fronts now: besides the well-known historical view from the IJssel, the city will get a new face in the Kampen Zuid area. The new entry into the city lies within the ring of dikes that has protected the city from the river for centuries. The Medieval Zwartendijk, the Hanze Railway and the A50 together encompass centuries of cultural history. It is time for Kampen to reacquaint themselves with the area, and to make it more appealing to the traveler. It is time for the traveler to recognize the new side of the city.

In HerKenning Erf 201 attention is brought to the gain in recognizability of the landscape the bypass brings to Kampen Zuid. A spear point of this plan is that there should not be urban development between the freeway and the Zwartendijk, because this closes the ring of dikes that lies around Kampen. In order to attain the ‘readability’ of the landscape that was requested in the competition, there should be no urban development, so that the Zwartendijk remains visible from both the freeway and the train station Kampen Zuid. The area between the freeway and the Zwartendijk can become a city yard, in line with the tradition of Kamper stadserven. The fragmentation created by freeway ramps and the railway will be fixed by interpreting these heights as levees with a sublimation of sand dunes in between. Throughout the year streams of plants and grasses will roll off this portrait of of the streaming landscapes of the original IJssseldelta: bulbous plants in spring and special grasses from the Hanze region in Summer. In the winter the city yard will appear as a clearly flowing sculpture, a beautiful and recognizable entry to Kampen Zuid.

Complete proposal in collaboration with Henk Volkers.
For more information, please download HerKenning Erf 201 (6,6 Mb)