FORT VOOR HET WATER (Fort on the Water) 1996-2000

commission: Land reclamation committee Eastern Emmen, with support of Waterboard Hunze en Aa’s, and Mondriaan Foundation
Owner: Waterboard Hunze en Aa’s

A portrait of the now virtually non-existent peat moor, at the spot where – until approximately 1920 the Roswinkel bulwark stood. The bulwark was originally erected as a defense against the enemy. The enemy is long gone, but the leveling of the peat has made one victim: the water. Since the sponge of the peat moor has gone, and agriculture makes increased demands on the water level, the quality of the water in the area is much diminished and has practically become invisible. For the project Was getekend, de Runde a new river bedding was proposed in which source water follows a course determined by past and present stories and longings. The Fort voor het Water cherishes and nourishes this new water course. It is a place where parties, theatres and performances can be held all in the middle of a hopeful landscape.