Automatische concepten

Over the last five years I slowly developed a bonding with a small forest, it has a view at each side, I love the horizon. This patch of forest is like a house without walls, the trees form windows. Somebody once built a tiny house in this forest, more like a shack in fact. If the forest is itself aware of the house I don’t know, I do observe the shack turning into forest soil. From time to time I put things in the house. Things? Rather thoughts materialized to a certain extent, thoughts that well up while being in the forest. When I add something in the house, I take away something else. It is in this exchange that I record in drawings, photography, film, … that I live in the forest. That way I build a memory, a bonding with the forest and the world at the horizon. You are invited to follow this project on Facebook: Jeroen van Westen – Kunst en landschap