Erve Twente (Twente Yard) 2004

Event Proeftuin Twente
commissioned by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim & SKOR
Icw Ton Matton, Peter de Ruyter , Ronald van de Bron

14 Mobile laboratories, each directed by an artist, investigated the identity of a local council. The results of these laboratories were input for three design teams working on a scenario on what to do today to have a recognizable Twente in 2030. In Erve Twente (Twente Yard) changing and overlapping networks are presented as the main support and catalytic agent of identity. The traditional concept of noaberschap (extended neighborship) is renewed in a modern variation in which the economic and social powers of the region defining the looks of a landscape are being given a voice at specific Zegplaatsen (voice sites) in the landscape.