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Jeroen van Westen
Overmeenweg 12
8111 PE Heeten
+ 31 6 21587046
+ 31 570 545003

Synopsis of recent shows and commissions
2011 – Advisor IJsselmeerdijken, Hoorn-Afsluitdijk
2011 – What if, … Architectuurcentrum Rondeel, Deventer
2009-2010 – Desert Passage i.c.w. Anne Ausloos and Gerco de Ruijter, Harwood museum, Taos, USA
2007 – Wachten op vogels (Waiting for Birds) soundscape-film and performance by Jeroen van Westen, Michael Pestel and Julian Scaff in Natuurmuseum Rotterdam
2006 – Soundscape in FABRIQUE by Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Enschede Muziek Festival
2005 – Artist in resident show, SFAI, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2003 – OSMOSE, Cargo, Almere, en CBAT gallery te Cardiff
2001 – BIRDSCAPE, i.c.w. Michael Pestel, april-juni Paviljoens, Almere; okt-dec Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh
2000 – SUSPENSIE, i.c.w. Anne Ausloos, Watertoren, Vlissingen Museum Hasselt (B), De Witte Voet, Amsterdam
1997 – AFSTAND, ORBIS TERRARUM, Galerie ARTA, Eernegem, Belgium

2012 – ZINNENBEELD (constellation of the senses). Further development of Groentransferium Holt&Berg for Holten, creating an attractive connection between village and National Park entrance.
2012 – Eét je Uitzicht, icw Karina Hendriks and Working Group Kunstvereniging Diepenheim and SKOR. Phenomenological study program, researching the relationship between human and food from a landscape perspective.
2011 – Vissend Verleden, weir + fish ladder in mouth Entergaven, Wierden. Commissioned by Waterboard Reggge & Dinkel en DLG Oost. Elaboration of Regge-ONTMOETINGEN part of Verbeelding van de Regge.
2011/12 – TUSSENTONEN, elegy for Zegen- en Portlandpolder -Buijtenland van Rhoon, commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland, coordination by KUNSTGEBOUW.
2011 – Groentransferium Holten, feasibility study commissioned by Municipality Rijssen-Holten
2010 – Groentransferium A1-zone Holten, private competition for a design of touristic interaction between the road A1 and the National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug , icw Theo Reitsema and Ed Joosting Buunk (Landlab) and Sandra Schuit (Zijaanzicht). Commissioned by Kunstenlab Deventer and the Province Overijssel.
2010 and onward – Vecht Park, curator in a master plan for a new park in using the transformation of a canalized river (De Vecht) back into a half-natural river. Commisioned by the city of Hardenberg NL
2009-2010 – Regge ontmoetingen (Regge encounters), a contribution to the transformation of 17 kilometer of the river Regge back to natural conditions. On cultural choices for nature to reclaim, and how to meet the river in the future. Commissioned by DLG and Waterboard Regge and Dinkel NL
2009 – Ha Buurman (Hi Neighbor), how the archeological remains of a farm can become the focal point for a new park. Commissioned by City of Enschede NL
2008-2009 – Incorporation, a critical review of the design for the New M4 around Newport Wales. Commissioned by Arup and Transport Wales, coordinated by Safle Cardiff. GB
2008-2009 – Waterblad Almelo/Wierden. A retention area closed in by roads at different (higher) levels. Closed competition, Proposal in collaboration with Henk Volkers accepted, final design made. Commissioned by Waterboard Regge en Dinkel NL
2008 – Twijfelvelden (fields of doubt) in collaboration with Julian Scaff a contribution to Stallen in het landschap (barns in the landscape), an assignment to 15 artists/architects to design how to fit (mega)industrial farming in the rural landscape. Commissioned by Province Noord Brabant, NBKS and LTO Brabant NL
2008 – Laage Diepenveen, an land-art work within a landscape architects’ (Noel van Doorn) project to redesign a creek. Goal is retention (slowing down water at moments of heavy rain). Commissioned by Waterboard Groot Salland (Zwolle) NL
2008 – Bewegingen (Movements), a contribution to A12NU, an initiative to explore an zone for its characteristics that may help to understand a succesfull (unplanned) urban transit zone. Commissiond by foundation A12NU NL
2007-2008 – N322 Momentum, A cultural round about and historical cut through a dike. Commissioned by the Province of Gelderland. Final proposal approved, project canceled due to technical problems to build the road. NL
2007 – Breukvlak – Weaving mistakes and Stitches, location research for A1 Artproject, collaborative project inititated by Kunstenlab, Deventer NL
2006 – A1, icw Julian Scaff: workshops and art movie commisioned by Tauw BV, Deventer NL
2006 – “De Omzoom”, strategic eco project Saendelft/Noorderwelf, icw bureau Vista, Amsterdam, commission by Municipality Zaanstad, Province Noord-Holland, DLG NL
2006 – Terra Incognita, further design part of “Groene Wig”(green wedge), Park Zuidbroek en sound barrier A50, commission Gemeente Apeldoorn NL
2006 – Prezenz, cultural planning research in Gdansk, commission by Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland en Baltic Sea Cultural Center, Gdansk NL
2005 – De Groene Wig (The Green Wedge), park Zuidbroek, sketch design, for Apeldoorn municipality NL
2005 – IJdijken, i.c.w. bAH, H+N+S, bureau de Stad, Belvedere-research for dRO Amsterdam NL
2004 – Oerij, i.c.w. Gerco de Ruijter, Ton van Vliet, Peter de Ruyter, for Province Noord Holland NL
2004 – Twente 2030, Proeftuin Twente, design team leader Regio Noord Oost Twente NL
2004 – Wisselmaat, recreation transferium Regge x Eksosche Aa, i.c.w. Ivonne de Nood, for DLG regio Oost NL
2003 – De Verbeelding van de Regge pilot Elsenerbeek i.c.w. Joost van Hezewijk en Peter de Ruyter, iov DLG NL
2000-2002 – conceptual design for new watermanagement De Hoef II, Heesch, i.o.v. Gemeente Bernheze NL
2000-2003 – Grounds NFI (National Forensic Institute), Rijswijk for. Rijksbouwmeester NL
2000-2001 –, Rotterdam, for. StIR (VROM)-CBK R’dam and Burrough Noord R’dam NL
2000 –, Zoetermeer, for. Zoetermeer Municipality and St. Kunstgebouw Z-H
1999-2004 – Green Energy Landmark, Cardiff (G.B), for Hyder Industrial/Tesco and Cardiff County Council, GB
1999-2001 – Riooloverstort (Muizengaatje), for CBK Rotterdam and Deelgemeente Noord, Rotterdam NL
1996-2001 – Was getekend, de Runde, Emmen. For Land Reclamation Bureau, Dienst Landelijk Gebied Assen NL
1996-2001 – Fort voor het Water, Roswinkel. for DLG Assen, Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s, Gem. Emmen NL