Automatische concepten

‘Buijtenland van Rhoon’ is a project transforming four polders from a purely agricultural function to agriculture recreation and nature. This is part of the zoning and planning decision (PKB) for the tweede Maasvlakte area. It is realized under direction of the Provincie Zuid-Holland. The assignment is to work within the transformation of two polders to nature reserve, and create a tribute to the past of those two polders. In the accepted proposal a two-part plan is formulated. The first step is a work of land-art with the title Grondtonen (Keynotes in music, but in Dutch also the sound of the earth). The second step is a process titled Tussentonen (In between notes: notes to be discovered). In Grondtonen the dynamic of living with water in the delta takes the center stage: to retreat quietly or to defend vigorously? In Tussentonen the time it takes to transition between dry agriculture and wet nature is used to research and re-evaluate our relation to the landscape in a phenomenological way. The goal of Tussentonen is to come to a special way of access, designing conditions for special encounters with the landscape. By giving shape to the way we sit, walk, cross, see, smell the landscape, elements of what was before will be incorporated in the new landscape. In cooperation with Karina Hendriks, Theo Reitsema and Remko Andeweg, and twenty-something participants in excursions. For more information pleas visit the website Tussentonen (Dutch only) Download the proposal (Dutch only) Download the final report (Dutch only) Final design finished winter 2012. Realization expected 2017 and onwards.