Automatische concepten

Spring SOW April 21 – Summer HARVEST June 23 – Fall EAT October 13 – Winter AFTER DINNER January 12 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim has a long-standing tradition of art and landscape, which has resulted in many beautiful and noteworthy projects, such as the ‘A1’ project around the A1 freeway, and the recent construction of the Diepenheim Gardens. In collaboration with SKOR and the province Overijssel, the Kunstvereniging added a very special project to their list, in which the landscape in and around Diepenheim takes a central place. ‘Eét je uitzicht’ is a research project into the relations between people, landscape and food, curated by Jeroen van Westen and Karina Hendriks. The research focuses on the consumers’ blindness to the origins of their food, and the role landscape plays in food production. Food can be seen as the intermediary between man and landscape: landscape as an expression of what the body eats, or the body as expression of the eaten landscape. On three days in spring, summer, and fall of 2012, four explorers were sent into a four square kilometer stretch of land near Diepenheim, with the directive “This is food”. The explorers dealt with questions such as: ‘how does this taste?’, ‘what kind of meal would this make?’, and subjects of poetry, music, nature, economy and body. With backgrounds ranging from chef cook or farmer to survivalist soldier or monk, the explorers all searched the landscape for nutrition for the body or mind. Artist/chef Ernst Ruijgrok went received the results of their search and recorded the taste of the landscape in his field kitchen. Every exploration was presented to the public in the form of a lecture, debate or exposition. Through a website and social media the process can still be followed. A small booklet is available through Kunstvereniging Diepenheim For more information please visit