De Wisselmaat (The changing field) 2004-2007

Commissioned by DLG region Oost
Icw Ivonne de Nood (landscape architect DLG) en De Grontmij (civil engineering)

The productive landscape is changing in a consumers landscape this is certainly true for areas where farming is no longer profitable. The small-scale landscape along the Regge between Almelo and Hellendoorn is agriculturally seen over and done, but from the cultural historical point of view a treasure. To improve the landscape for use by the consumer, and by that affordable to conserve, a series of small interventions like new (bike) paths and adaptations (fences-cattle grids etc) are made by the DLG.

De Wisselmaat is an entrance to the landscape, a place where you park your car to fish, or to hike, to bike, or may be to put a canoe in the river. De Wisselmaat is a portrait of the landscape one is about to enter, an entry with a wink to the grand entrances of the large estates: welcome to Twentes yard.