DE WATERMACHINE (The Water Machine) –proposal- 1998


commissioned by City of Pijnacker

De Watermachine is a proposal for making natural water purification visible and audible. An important ecological factor of the area is inherent in the circulation of the water. The water is naturally purified by using plants in low, slowly flowing water (helofytenfilter).
On a square at the park entrance is the meeting point where relatively clean and dirty water meet. Here the visitor can see to what extent plants growing in clean water differ to those growing in dirty water. On the square the water is channelled through a bedding of black and white stones, causing a constant soft rippling sound. This then becomes part of the totality of sound which constitutes the rattle route designed by landscape architects. Words which have a bearing on the direct environment are chiselled into the stones. Vertical lamps operating on solar energy mark the square (and park entrance).