De Vennegraven/De Elsenerbeek 2003

Commissioned by Verbeelding van de Regge/DLG regio Oost
Icw Peter de Ruyter (landscape architect bAH), Joost van Hezewijk (landscape architect/artist)

In the next ten years the image of the Regge as a real river in Twente will transform drastically from a wide canalized watercourse dedicated to drain the land, into a watercourse trying to slow down the transportation of water, giving room for the development of nature. Spatially, technically, and culturally there are still many issues to resolve. The need for a new watercourse to link an existing nature reserve to new nature to be developed is a pilot for how the Regge will be transformed in the near future.
In the study Vennegraven (Peat canal) is made clear that reality is less rosy, and tough decisions have to be made to give new nature a real chance. The proposal lead to fierce discussions and, a new commission, now with conditions making an ecological approach more realistic.