De Runde komt! 1998-2009

Commisioned by DLG-north and Emmen municipality.

De Runde is the name of a stream that disappeared with the peat that was mined. The land-restaration-re-allotment project Former Emmer peatcolonies commisioned to improve the possibilities to experience the hidden treasures of this landscape. The firm base under all proposals was to re-vive the most important hidden treasure: water welling up from the ground. A special kind of water that has the power to enable the return of nature to create variation and a sense of security in the till then open, barren, land, wasted by exhilirating industrial agriculture. Not that the old Runde would be copied from age old maps, but a course based on sories of the inhabitants of the area, and finding a way between cultural obstacles. Though it took a long time the original idea proved to be strong enough to change the plans into reality, mainly thanks to the faith and stubbornness of many inhabitants who demanded that the plans would go through, and thanks to provincial an nature organisations who picked up the ecological and economical power hidden in the idea of a new Runde.

Contributors to the design: too many to mention, but many thanks to Piet Ziel, Harry Berg, and Wiebe Rueschen.