De Nieuwe Marke 2004

Follow up for De Elsenerbeek, commissioned by Verbeelding van de Regge/DLG regio Oost, KCO, SKOR
Icw Peter de Ruyter, Hilke Floris (landscapearchitects bAH); Jan Winsemius (Urban planning/legal adviser Bureau Middelkoop)

The landscapes economic basis of the Rijssener valley is receding like for all higher sandy soils in The Netherlands. Zoning schemes are just checklists for certain rules, not instruments for change. Can we come up with a new way making it possible for inhabitants to develop a new viable content for their landscape? The Nieuwe Marke is inspired by the old organizational form of a Marke which had favors and obligations for their participants to organize the use of the. In The Nieuwe Marke a balanced new set of favors and obligations is proposed to organize the present landowners and users in combination with a grand design for the Rijssener Valley.