De Elsenerbeek (the Elsener-creek) 2004

Follow up for Vennegraven, commissioned by Verbeelding van de Regge/DLG regio Oost Icw Joost van Hezewijk (landscape architect/artist) The Elsenerbeek is a more ‘natural’ variation of the original design for the Vennegraven. Nevertheless, the need to actively re think the landscape in which the new creek will run is emphasized. The economic changes in the rural areas on the higher sandy soils is too dramatic to suppose that the landscape will keep her present qualities. Like in the previous design, culture is a main actor, a creative force for the new watercourse. At several location along the stream special (visual) moments are proposed addressing the natural potentials and the cultural responsibilities towards the past and the future. See: Kwelwatertafels (Seepage/up swell tables), Draaideur (Revolving door), and Recreatieve knoop (Recreational knot).