Automatische concepten

(Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg) 2018 Anne Ausloos – Jeroen van Westen 15 mei t/m 30 september Invitation One may notice rather big, some beautifully shiny bricks at some places in the medieval walls of the abbey in Middelburg (NL). Visual artists Anne Ausloos and Jeroen van Westen investigate how fresh and salt (water) express themselves in landscape and culture. Not unlike experimental archaeologists they explored why some cloister bricks do shine, and others not. It is generally assumed to be salt glaze, which is definitely not the case. But does salt play a role in this phenomenon? What can these bricks tell us about the history of the local coastal landscape and its inhabitants. Jeroen and Anne consider the abbey itself as one of the masterpieces of the Zeeuws Museum. The artists take the visitors on a tour. Inside and outside, from the treasure room for drowned villages to the foundation. Several of their artworks resulting from this exploration are placed in the museum as connotations to the collection. link naar podcast achterhalen