BUSSENPLEIN (Bus Terminus) 1999 – 2003

commissioned by Local Council Noord, City of Rotterdam
Icw Hans Snoek and Q.S. Serafijn

The strength of public transport lies in the effortless linking together of the various services they offer – preferably in a clear and well-organized environment. None of this was reflected in one of the most important junctions of public transport in north Rotterdam.
As an extension of the assignment Muizengaatje, the artists Q.S. Serafijn, Hans Snoek and Jeroen van Westen were asked to participate, in an advisory capacity, in the collaboration between municipal and government services responsible for the renewed layout of the North Station transfer point.
The advice emphasized using the space in such a way that a real square could evolve. Further, the space should be cleaned; the lighting in the square and in the tunnels for cyclists should be more than merely functional; access points to public transport should be re-designed; travel information should be readily accessible to the consumer; local trade should be encouraged; and an acceptable transit space should be installed under the overpass. The application of all these proposals will serve to create an acceptable transit space.