BREATHING in TIME out 1999-2005

(stalled) Green Energy Landmark, Lamby Way Landfill: Cardiff Wales, UK
Commissioned by (Hyder)TESCO & Cardiff County
Coordinated by CBAT Arts and Regeneration, Cardiff Bay Wales UK

A work to draw attention to alternative energy sources and processing of waste. Only limited space was offered in the commission to (re)design the final phase of how the landfill should look like after closure. It is considered to be important that the work will draw attention over a longer period of time. The development of the design of the work Breathing In Time out was done in close collaboration with local political and educational institutes. Part of the almost finished proposal was a walk pointing at important features of the landfill and its location in the city. A second part was the marking of where the gas is sucked out of the landfill like a star constellation on the ground. The visually most prominent part of the project was the suggestion of an entrance making the landfill into a storage room instead of permanent disposal in the form of an eye: the city can see the eye, the eye will watch the city (with an beautiful poetic contribution by Peter Finch). The project was accompanied by an extensive website offering a source for information as well as a basic structure for educational programs.
For several reasons the project seem to be aborted just before completion.