Automatische concepten

Invitation to experience the world between salt and sweet/fresh An installation by Jeroen van Westen and Anne Ausloos in The Bewaerschole, Burgh-Haamstede (NL), as a contributon to the ongoing program: Balancing between Sweet and Salt Opening March 22, 2015 Icc Koos de Muinck, composer, and Pablo Guridi, bass clarinet introduction by Rob Maaskant, storyteller There is no clear demarcation between Salt and Sweet, there is a world in between, a border world of primary creative frenzy. that border world can be experienced in the ‘single celled’ exhibition space of The Bewaerschole. Daylight entering, shifting, projects a border world of salt and sweet. Jeroen and Anne Ausloos peal off, what they ‘think’ they know, and attempt to observe processes as purely as possible. To make these visible more clearly, they destill simple test set ups from questions raised while exploring the landscape; they creat a condition, and follow (observe) the natural process. Eventually this process will come to an end, naturally or culturally. That defines the moment at which they will look back, pick up the material collected in a different way, transform it, and present it in a -new- cohesion. A report/log of this research is available in print in the Bewaerschole.