Automatische concepten

(Jeroen van Westen and Michael Pestel, Amstelpark Amsterdam for Zone2Source) 2018 The Amstelpark is a framework for showcasing a wide variety of plants and trees from around the globe. As such, it epitomizes our full-blown arrival in the Anthropocene, the epoch in which humans have permanently impacted eco-systems and geological layers worldwide. An articulate and nuanced acknowledgement of this reality is a critical first step to work towards a sustainable relationship with and between all forms of life and habitats on this planet.   In this context, and building on nearly twenty-five years of projects focused on birds, bird sound, and bird extinction, we proposed an installation (BirdScape) for the Glass House as our point of departure, along with a related performance work (BirdGrid) designed to move throughout the park in a series of performances over a two-week period. In both BirdScape and BirdGrid, we look at the world from the point of view of extinct birds, nearly two hundred species since the time of colonial expansion in the 17th Century. We seek to give voice to sounds we can no longer hear, and images to sights we can no longer see. In the process of our research, we approach nature from different angles – science, art, music, and mundane culture – and switch cultural roles with the birds we are focused on. Of course, we are aware that it is not so much the birds themselves we are studying, but the culture-specific language employed to understand their place in our lives, and ours in theirs. link to publication fieldguide: BirdScore, all the birds of Amstelpark  etc